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Are you looking for the finest hand rolled

cigars in the Tampa Bay area? Serafin de Cuba Cigars has always prided itself with providing the highest quality cigars at the best value. From the tobacco rich

central region of Cuba to the historic Cigar City, Our family’s passion for tobacco spans 5 generations. Serafin de

Cuba promises a cigar that is created with the highest standards, using the best quality tobacco leaves to guarantees a perfect smoke every time.



Canary Islands

The Serafin family works in

agriculture on the island of La Gomera. Don Antonio Serafin arrives in Cuba as a soldier in the Spanish army. He decides to stay after the war is over and begins working with “shade” tobacco in the famed Pinar del Rio tobacco region of Cuba.


Serafin Legend Begins

Don Antonio relocates to the tobacco rich region of central Cuba. There, he purchases land and names it Fidencia Ranch where he grows both tobacco and sugar cane. He eventually teaches his son Don Ramon Sr. and his brothers the art of cultivating tobacco.


Tobacos Serafin is Born

Don Ramon Sr. opens his own cigar factory in Fomento Cuba. It is here where years later Don Ramon Jr. learns the art of cigar making from his father.


Revolution & Exodus

After the Cuban revolution, businesses became nationalized and the Serafin family was forced to close their factory. In 1967 Don Ramon Jr. decides

to leave the island via Spain with his family eventually settling in the United States. Years later his son Arnold is born and soon enough Don Ramon Jr. continues the tradition and begins passing his tobacco knowledge on to him.


Serafin de Cuba is Born

Don Ramon Jr. and his son Arnold move to the Tampa Bay area. There they decide to open Serafin de Cuba Cigars in the beautiful town of Tarpon Springs, FL.


Growing toward Tomorrow

The 5th generation of the

Serafin family, Brandon A. Serafin joins his father and grandfather in the family business. In 2021, Arnold and Brandon create a cigar in honor of Don Ramon Jr after his passing. The cigar has won several awards. They also begin to resurrect some of Tampa’s classic brands in hopes of

continuing a rich history and culture of tobacco.

Meet the tobacconist

Arnold Serafin, owner of Serafin de Cuba cigars

Arnaldo Serafin

Arnold started working alongside his father at an early age. He learned all about blending fine tobaccos and cigar making. With over 20 years in the cigar business, Arnold finds himself being creative and working on all kinds of unique shapes and sized cigars as well as blending different tobaccos. He really enjoys keeping the family tradition alive by perfecting his craft.

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