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Cigar making remains a vital aspect of Florida & Cuban culture. Here, at Serafin de Cuba, we continue to honor the history of the cigar industry with our legendary brands. The Prince of Wales (Principe de Gales) was created by Ybor City founder, Vicente Martinez Ybor in Havana, Cuba circa 1853. Some years later, her brought the brand to Tampa when he founded Ybor City. After a 100 year hiatus we resurrected this historic brand to honor Mr. Ybor, his legacy & contributions to the cigar industry. We have done the same with our other brands such as Flor de Tampa & La Floridana - both historic Tampa brands that were left abandoned & forgotten in time.

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Although most of the original factories in Tampa have long since been shuttered, we are still proud to be hand-rolling our cigars locally. We welcome many visitors that come to Tarpon Springs (Tampa Bay) each year and rediscover the legacy of the Florida-Cuban cigar tradition. This is the importance of the cigar industry in our region's history.

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