Cigar Rolling Shows

Transport your guests to Old Havana...

with one of our cigar rolling shows. Add a unique touch to your next special event or corporate party!

  • Two-hour cigar rolling show handcrafting cigars to order
  • Cigar host will explain the entire process.
  • Showcases cigar rolling the traditional Cuban way.
  • Cutting & lighting cigars at your guests requests.
  • All cigars made with Cuban seed tobaccos.

We can cater any size event!
Cigar making tools
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Cigars Prepped for Your Event

Tobacco leaf waiting to be blended
Bunching tobacco to make a cigar
Binder being applied to bunched tobacco for cigar
Cigars being closed into a mold
Cigars in molds
Ready for Finishing at your Event.
Cigars in mold with tobacco above

Our Expert Rollers

Arnold Serafin, owner of Serafin de Cuba cigars

Arnaldo Serafin

Arnold started working alongside his father at an early age. He learned all about blending fine tobaccos and cigar making. With over 20 years in the cigar business, Arnold finds himself being creative and working on all kinds of unique shapes and sized cigars as well as blending different tobaccos. He really enjoys keeping the family tradition alive by perfecting his craft.

Brandon Serafin

Brandon is the fifth generation in his family to be working with tobacco. Since the age of 10 he would help his father in all aspects of the business. Since 2019 he and his father have worked tirelessly and developed several new brands such as The Don Ramon 1942 in honor of his late grandfather Don Ramon Jr. and the new Flor de Tampa brand which was out of production for over 100 years. Although he is young, Brandon offers fresh new ideas and enjoys the art of blending and working with different tobaccos. Brandon is very happy to continue the Serafin family legacy.

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