Serafin de Cuba Barista Craft Espresso
  • Dark Roast
  • Medium Body
  • Low Acidity
  • Full Coffee Flavor


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Medium Body

Roasting Style



8 oz bag


Espresso Ground Coffee

Blending & Aging

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Whether it's blending & aging high quality tobacco for our premium, hand-rolled cigars or blending & roasting coffee beans for our Gourmet coffees, you can taste the quality of the care we put into each & every one of our products.

We offer nothing to our customers that would not offer to our own family. Welcome to La Familia de Serafin de Cuba.

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The Barista Craft Espresso is a more modern take on espresso coffee. It is richly dark roasted to reduce the acidity, but enhance the coffee flavors in the beans. This exceptional coffee is a blend of the best beans that Latin America offers, which is then carefully roasted by our Roast Master, Rimmert DeJong, right here in the Tampa Bay area.

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Serafin de Cuba Barista Craft Espresso

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What's your highest rated cigar?

Oh dear! You might as well ask which of our children we love most! We can say that our Don Ramon 1942 Series & our Principe de Gales Robusto have been very highly rated by cigar influencers.

What's your best selling cigar?

Our Serafin de Cuba bundles are an incredible fine hand rolled cigar at a bundled price of $100 for 25 cigars. An amazing value.

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